Uprise Africa’s award-winning record and growing reputation, as one of South Africa’s top crowdfunding platforms, has seen it being given the honor of partnering with the #ReevaRebeccaSteenkampFoundation to raise funds for “My Name is Reeva”, the new “tell-all” documentary film (series) on the late Reeva Steenkamp.

The campaign is targeting to raise a whopping 40 million rands! The campaign has for now been opened to private investors but is set to be open to the public in just a few days time.

Uprise Africa made the announcement on 19 August 2019, coinciding with Reeva’s 34th birthday commemoration.

The commemoration day passed as SA communities, with women’s challenges at heart, remembered her as an individual who had a voice. Her dreams were short-lived after she was brutally murdered on the 14th of February 2013 by celebrity athlete Oscar Pistorius.

In her honour, Uprise.Africa, an equity crowdfunding platform, is, therefore, facilitating fundraising for the documentary series, set to be produced by Director and Co-Producer Warren Batchelor and Co-Producer Tony Miguel.

The film delves into the personal story of Reeva Steenkamp through the eyes of her loved ones, including her mother June Steenkamp, who wrote a book titled Reeva: A Mother’s Story, and her father Barry.

It will focus on Reeva, her story, the impact her murder and trial had on her parents, family and close friends. The trial made history as being the first murder trial ever to be televised live in South African history, heightening worldwide interest, but failing to reveal the truth of what happened that night.

The ensuing trial was accompanied by a media furore, followed globally. The emphasis, however, was focused primarily on the convicted Oscar Pistorius, giving no voice to the beloved Reeva Steenkamp and tragically it is his version of events that still lingers in people’s minds. He reduced Reeva to being nothing more than a victim. This is not unusual in South Africa, where the rate at which women lose their lives is at its peak with hundreds of them murdered daily by their partners. They too are victims without a voice. Reeva’s loved ones want this documentary to stop that trend by giving her a voice from beyond the grave.

“Through this documentary, we are determined to tell Reeva’s story, people will get to see another side that seeks to answer some of the questions that have been left unanswered, the truth and who Reeva was. She would want us to do this for her,” said June Steenkamp.

“Uprise.Africa is proud to be able to facilitate this project especially during Women’s Month on an issue that affects so many women in SA. Investment in this documentary should be seen as our gift to Reeva on what would have been her 34th birthday today. The funding will be open to private funders during the launch and will be open to the public in due course, concludes Tabassum Qadir, CEO of Uprise.Africa.

Before her death she was a law graduate, aspiring model and reality show contestant; all that made her a household name in South Africa.

For more information on this campaign and other home grown investment opportunities  on our website visit:https://uprise.africa/view_pitch/mynameisreeva.