Finally, the time we all have been waiting for. We helped them to raise a whopping 1,4 million rand, now they are ready to open shop!

So, save the date, it’s official, Beerhouse Tygervalley is opening on the 26th of October 2019!

Thank you so much to all those who chose to believe in this brand and invest in this business that is helping to bring the cultures of the world together under one roof using one of the oldest and original beer flavours.

This new Beerhouse Tygervalley branch, will serve the Cape Town Northern Suburbs; and you are all invited to watch them officially meet the community and unveil it’s new and improved offerings.

Knowing how good these guys are at throwing a party, the YELLOW way, we have no doubt that this will be the party of the year in the Northern Suburbs with the best beer, best specials and best live music on show. The show will feature Amy Tjasink Music, SamsonBrothers, and Jimmy Nevis (a pop singer/songwriter and producer), plus much, much more guaranteed to make it a night to remember.

Beerhouse Tygervalley was founded with a vision to create a stage for brewers to shine on. Considering the great local beer-drinking culture and an increase of home-brewers turned into microbreweries who produce a vast variety of quality beer, Beerhouse Tygervalley is set to become Cape Town’s utopia and a contemporary beer hall with its 25 taps and legendary ’99 Bottles’ of the best local and international beer motto’s.

Are you asking yourself why you should attend and be a part of this? Well, it can be concluded that getting together to drink beer has a role in connecting cultures and building communities. Beer is also known to be the catalyst for social interaction given a gift to break the ice with people we don’t yet know too well.

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,”- Benjamin Franklin….oh Yes…he really DID say that!

That may be a little bit OTT maybe, but I guess all beer lovers would agree though that ,especially here in South Africa, people are connected through their love of beer in more ways than one. Think about the well loved culture of  toasting and saying “Cheers!”, while clinking glasses together and maintaining eye contact celebrating a good cause. We couldn’t really do that without a nice, cold drink in hand now could we?

The entrance fee is…wait for it – One…Two…Free! Yes, the entrance is FREE. So you definitely have no reason to miss out.

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So, if you’re going to be in the area, spread the word and get ready to lift and fill those glasses, because Beerhouse Tygervalley sure will leave you asking for another cold one! We will see you there!