Meet Marriam, a 45-year-old mother of three. She is a Zimbabwean born and bred domestic worker currently working in Sandton, Johannesburg. She left her family back home so that she can look for a job and be able to provide for them.

Now that she is in South Africa, the banks have been giving her grief with regard to opening her own bank account. They require her to fill a lot of forms, which also requires proof of residence, payslip, and what-not, which is very stressful to her more especially now that December is approaching, she has been promised a bonus by her boss. She would like to send all of her bonus back home so her children can have Christmas clothes but she has no idea how to go about it.

Why not make your investment become a solution to people like Marriam, who are struggling with opening bank accounts because they are not South African?

With My-iMali, Marriam can be able to open a My-iMali account where she will also receive a My-iMali Debit Card that can link up to 4 debit cards to the My-iMali Wallet to be used anywhere in the world.

This is money made easy for employers and employees. That way, Marriam can simply enable transfers to bank accounts, top-up or purchase pre-paid products and services plus avoiding monthly bank fees, how cool is that?

Like all mothers, Marriam is a hard-working woman who only wants to put food on the table for her children. She works a 6-6 job and only gets an off on Sunday, the day banks do not operate. She now can be able to access her money any time of the day without the need of going to an ATM.

As you know how much money domestic workers earn per month, using a My-iMali account will be a plus to her as she will be able to save up on the bank charges off withdrawals and pre-paid purchases.

Opening My-iMali account only takes 5 minutes or less, and she can simply do it during her lunch break or even on her way home, it only requires an ID/passport.

My-iMali would like to grow the business by raising R 25 Million from the crowd for an equity share of 20%. My-iMali is a mobile wallet solution that acts like a bank account minus the added hassles of a bank account.

It is 100% safe with unlimited performance, security, and reliability with over 10 thousand users already.

Who wouldn’t enjoy the benefits of accessing their money 24/7?

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