Customer care is an important part of any organisation.

As much as every organisation has its own internal stakeholders who play an important role, the external stakeholders being the customers need to be paid attention to.

Let’s rephrase back to the quote “the customer is always right” well, it is true the customer is always right and therefore should get what they pay for.

Purchasing a product always comes with a comment or complaint. But is there really a way to communicate directly with the company?

Before, social media platforms would be used to express the review or experience one had when making a purchase at a company.

67% of all social media posts relate to customer care and seeing that there was no alternative customer care app, people tend to use Facebook or Twitter, hoping that the companies they wish to communicate with will respond.

Now, think of this – 60% of consumers who reach out to a business on social media expect a response within an hour or less and should they not receive a response, their dissatisfactory increases. Often because of the number of people who are active users of social media, it takes a long time to respond to every one of them, while other comments might be jumped or fall through.

So, welcome to iBleat, a simple App founded by two brothers to fit you directly in touch with customer care.

When we talk about great apps that simplify life, we talk about Ibleat!

The app works in a way that connects customers to any company, product or brand anywhere and easily. It was developed to simplify customer care experience.

Whether it be email address you want, you can easily get it to chat with or call directly through the app.

Welcoming you to the age of the consumer, where they now have a voice. iBleat allows you to say something and BE HEARD.

Businesses can take care of their customers and ultimately build better relationships with their customers and get a” thumbs up”.

You can access this app anywhere, whether you are standing in a banking line, shopping, dining at a restaurant, or stuck between traffic.

For as little as R2000  you can own your share of iBleat. They are raising R5 Million to grow the business in exchange for a 20% equity stake.

So far they have managed to raise R20 000 and are left with only 21 days to reach their goal.

You still have time!

Make the right choice and invest in the next BIG thing!