In a tech-driven world, finding your dream car is now easy. You can do it at your comfort zone with a click of a button. The process makes life easier for you.

This is what you can experience with the introduction of YouSellCars crowdfunding, one of our new equity crowdfunding campaigns on our platform.

YouSellCars is South Africa’s first social network for buying and selling cars, the modern way to shop for a new generation of buyers.

This business has made massive technological advancements over the past few years, combining every feature from Facebook, Instagram, Google and Uber into one amazing “car buying” platform.

YouSellCars is available as a smartphone app and is here to disrupt the car industry. Finding your favorite car for your daily commuting to and from work, for holidaying trips or on domestic errands has never been easier from a smartphone. How cool is that?

Now you can invest in this ground breaking technology from as little as ZAR2000!

Uprise Africa is proud to give you an opportunity to get your hand in the pie right from the start. There are a limited number of shares available.

Remember, shares will become trad-able on the ZARX Exchange if the minimum raise amount of R3 million is met on the Uprise.Africa platform and the app is free for private sellers with a website.

Dealerships pay a monthly fee to use the platform as a tool, which equips each sales person to tap into a modern world and sell more cars.You as the buyer can create a wish list and get alerted via press notification when the price is reduced.

You can follow your favorite dealer to see their latest stock or simply use our smart search technology to find the closest or the most relevant cars.

Very cool right?

The Instagram of car sales has arrived. Don’t let it miss you, download the app and “Uber” your dream car with a click of the button.

Think smart and start making your investment now!

Click on the link below to invest now:

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