Given the fact that an idea without funds is just useless, that is the reason this platform was created in the first place.

Uprise Africa is South Africa’s first equity crowdfunding online platform that has assisted businesses in raising capital. It helps local businesses to raise capital while gaining market valuation. The platform has over 800 entrepreneurs registered to be a part of their community of change makers.

Uprise Africa enables everyone to invest in start-ups, and not just professional investors. As long as you know the basics of investing.

As a result, Drifter Brewing Company managed to raise over a million within 24 hours; raising a total of R 3 889 000 in exchange of 12% of the company’s equity share, with a total of 235 investors. The aim was to raise 3 million and ended up receiving an overfunding of R 889 000.

Drifter is one of the becoming SA’s top craft beer manufacturer based in Cape Town, founded early 2015. Nick Bush, the founder of Drifter and a well-traveled craft beer connoisseur, got the idea to mature his beer in the ocean because the darkness and temperature in the ocean was ideal for the fermentation process. For the past three years they have seen a significant 120% of revenue growth. Distributing to over 360 stores in the country and exports to Zimbabwe and Namibia; currently obtained permission to export in the US. It was the first public equity crowdfunding campaign in the brewing industry in South Africa.

Another company of which managed to raise over enough capital through Uprise Africa is Intergreatme, a technology company that implemented an online platform to request and receive information and documents through a digital process. 428 investors raised a total of R 31 223 000 for a 25% ownership of the company.

It goes without saying that Uprise Africa believes in the future of businesses. It aims to fill the funding gap that exists for small businesses in South Africa. This is because of the potential that small businesses have on changing the country’s economic state. It also presents new job opportunities in the area where the business was established.

The advantages of raising capital as an entrepreneur are that you receive money to start your business and it is also an opportunity to get an idea as to how people feel about your product or services. Raising capital through Uprise is also a promotional marketing tool to sell your products.

All you have to do as an entrepreneur is pitch your business idea and the target you want to reach and potential investors will invest based on your pitch.

Find out more on the new opportunities for investment that keep arising on the platform.