It’s empowering and progressive to familiarize oneself with business trends at a young age. Hence, Uprise Africa’s Community Manager Flo Mosoane was a guest at The Teen Talk & Expo that took place at Constitution Hill, Braamfontein from 6 to 7 December 2019.

The expo’s theme was Unleashing Teen Entrepreneurs Gearing SA Teens for 4IR! Scores of young people came through and eagerly participated in the two-day proceedings. Flo had a busy time, in front of an enthusiastic young audience.

She highlighted what Uprise Africa Equity Crowdfunding is all about and how it can aid entrepreneurs to fund their businesses or to access venture capital type of financing from a large number of people.

A great time it was for the children to learn the basics of crowdfunding and it was evident that they were enjoying the topic of making money through investment or entrepreneurship.

It was obvious to see many being keen to know what crowdfunding is and what it means to be an entrepreneur in South Africa.

As our country’s unemployment figures keep rising, there is a need to inspire or show the young to venture into business and where to get early-stage finances. This prepares them to grow up and become achievers in life.

According to the Teen Talk & Expo website, “Unemployment amongst South African youth aged 15-24 years was at 38, 2% during the first quarter of 2018, one of the highest in the world. The time to become an entrepreneur is now, learn how to use your creative ideas and start a small business today!”

The website narrates the inspiring story of one Claudia Noma Makwela who was brought up by entrepreneurs. Says the website, “She has been financially independent of the age of 13 years. Her love for business was evident as she selected commercial studies as a Grade 8 learner at Ntsika Junior Secondary School in Grahamstown. She ran a successful Spaza shop at Mthatha Technical College Boarding School from Grade 10 – 12.

“She is passionate about youth development and believes ‘Adolescent is the based age for anyone to start his or her business’ why not learn now, make mistakes now, deal with your fears now, make mistakes now, you will soon realize the power from within’ and this is what will build resilience.”

As time goes events like these will be held by Uprise Africa to share insights in crowdfunding. Such occasions form a potentially fertile ground for future investors and entrepreneurs, who stand to benefit from our crowd-funding platform.

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