If you think Uber has simplified life, wait until you read this!

Imagine from the comfort of your home, you simply request food produce and you get it delivered directly to you. That’s an invention made to cater for you from farm to fork.

This platform is designed to connect farmers with buyers, and what more can you add to your plate if it’s not owning shares of this invention?

Think of a village market, but in a modern way…Pretty cool isn’t it?

More like B2B connecting farmers to bulk buyers, the chef community, and distributors.

Just by the sound of it, it is something NOT to be missed.

This platform has created a win-win situation for both farmers and buyers. Farmers benefit in a sense that they can market their products and connect with buyers close to them. While buyers benefit by getting the freshest produce delivered to them.

The food industry without ChefDirect was complicated in a way that farmers could only distribute to the market and the distributors such as Pick n pay and Shoprite. Now, ChefDirect has created a win-win situation where chefs, hotels, restaurants, just to name a few can also get fresh food produce directly from the farmer. Cutting down on transportation time.

As we all know that technology has taken the world by a huge turmoil for the past 7 years, ChefDirect has maximized these benefits to disrupt the food industry.

It is now possible to create a network via connected smartphones where farmers and buyers can trade with others around them.

Imagine giving people the ability not to worry about cooking or rushing to supermarkets for countless ingredients, and they just enjoy the benefits of ChefDirect from the comfort of their home.

Now imagine if you become a part of this…

This game changing app is raising R 5 million in exchange of 15.15% of ownership of the company’s equity share.

With just 10 days left for this investment opportunity, there is still time for you to make your investment count.

Invest in the only app and platform connecting the whole food industry.