Good news for investors and farmers.

We have a new crowdfunding campaign live on our platform to cater to your pockets and stomach.

Meet ChefDirect, a game-changing native app developed by South Africa Chef Media (The official voice of the South African Chef Association).

They noticed that 2 years after their launch, there was no platform connecting the entire food industry, from chef to distributor and from producer to farmer, until NOW!

The world has made huge advancements in technology over the past few years, and ChefDirect has maximized these benefits to disrupt the food industry.

This is the food disruptor everyone has been waiting for.

Think “Uber” for the farming community from farm to table.

Bridging the gap using smartphones to benefit farmers with geo-location technology; farmers are able to share their products with valued buyers simple and fast just like that.

They can build a business profile on the app and network with a wider community and connect with hotel groups and bulk buyers who can search and source the latest products available closest to them.

The app also has a farmers market and a farmer’s corner for buyers and sellers to interact, shop and immediately find the best freshest ingredients through searchable tags and photos. How cool is that?

ChefDirect is the best connector.

The platform already has over 6000 active users, 12 000 buyers and by the year 2021, the platform will have over 100 000 farmers.

Limited shares are available from R2000 and investors will be able to trade their shares on the ZARX Exchange if the minimum raise amount of R3 million is reached on the Uprise.Africa platform.

The aim of the app is not necessarily to change the old way that farmers do things but to create a direct, easier way for them to market their products and connect with buyers closest to them.

It’s a win-win solution for the food supply industry. A win for the farmer, win for distributor and also a win for the buyer.

The app is an excellent tool for distributors to access real-time information from farmers, cutting down their transportation time, structuring delivery from farm to the client.

Invest in an app that makes it possible from farm to table.