“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” African proverb.

This proverb has been around for ages and it still applies in this technologically driven and crazy world. An age dominated by millennials venturing into multi-million dollar start-up business ventures and whose obsession is nothing other than to be uber rich.

No matter what your circumstances are, one of the best ways to become “somebody” in life is to go by the above saying that has existed since time immemorial. Not only has it existed for ages, but it has also proven to work for those who take heed of it.

So from a practical POV, what does this really mean for the ordinary layman on the street?

Well, let’s break things down a bit.

November, the famed bonus month, is almost upon us, a time most people, among the working class, get to be paid “extra” in the form of bonuses by their bosses. Hence, a lot of us tend to get a tad ‘excited’ at the prospect of finally experiencing the once-off and end of year hefty pay check.

Before the fever hits, however, it is important to remind ourselves to take a big chill pill and reflect a little on the well-known aftermath of this fever pitch period.

They say the best defense is offence, and this is most true at this time of the year, but what kind of preparations can one make in the face of pure financial recklessness?

Well, this is the time to start buttressing your finances, start looking at opportunities that come our way or we have heard of, so that we buffer our pockets and by the time holiday time comes, you actually spend what you can AFFORD!

Look at it this way, while the bonus amounts will obviously have an already existing financial gap to fill, there is also at the same time the chance that you might have some pennies to spare. In the latter case, do not be tempted to spend that extra penny, rather seek opportunities to direct the pennies to other profitable channels like investments.

Uprise Africa, being a great investment platform that has been scooping awards – at home and internationally – for what it knows best, always avails smart and viable business opportunities for anyone who cares to uplift their lives financially. It’s even quite affordable to invest with us, looking at that the minimum amount required from any person and for any crowdfunding venture on our platforms is just a mere R1000 (Yes, one thousand only).

But as the wise old African proverb suggests, the planning should be done right now, rather than later. So get to plan how to spread your finances, while the time still allows. For tomorrow you will be one of the people who will have a great and enviable future through your wise investments with Uprise Africa.

Do not say we have not warned you! A brighter and better future begins with choosing the right start-up platform on Uprise Africa now.

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