Whether you are buying or selling a car, with YouSellCar your needs will be accommodated.

From buying anything of second-hand to selling anything of wheels.

Have the financial detox you promised yourself this 2020

Although the word detox might be a little exaggerated, we definitely promote financial relief for everyone because it increases ones well-being.

Surely when entering 2020 most of us wanted to start on a clean slate, and this is what this crowdfunding campaign is all about.

Whether you have a car that you would like to sell or either you would like to purchase that first car or even second to others, this is the right place to do your online eye shopping.

We really thank technology for allowing everyone to be able to shop online, and now to think that you can even make an offer online or even check out your car of choice from your smartphone. Super fantastic!

We understand that when buying a car more especially your first baby as many people would call it, you might want to be picky, from what kind of seats there should be, air fitting, interior design, wheel alignment as well as the sound system. And the good news is that at YouSellCars you have all those options and privileges so that you can select your best car to get 100% satisfaction.

Considering the costs of being a car owner, YouSellCars has affordable installments to best suit your pockets and give you the financial detox you promised your pockets this 2020.

Now, think of being a part of this company and actually owning shares…

They have been raising R 6 million for a period of time now in exchange of 16.7% ownership of the company’s equity share, and with 62 days left, you can still get a chance to become a part of this.

Invest today! Visit: https://uprise.africa/view_pitch/yousellcars