In this age of the internet, its common knowledge that there are many ways to access pertaining to something you really want to know about. However, there is also, information that you cannot easily access online. A face-to-face event brings with it certain dynamics such as physical interaction and networking with pros that one can do at an event. Where the internet can experience glitches, face-to-face events provide an environment where people do not have to get worried about things like losing connection and related challenges.

In this vein, therefore Uprise Africa has a strategy where it operates money market offices located across the country’s major cities, and for the time being specifically in Johannesburg and Cape Town. These are aptly branded as Uprise Markets and are state-of-the-art facilities where clients can come in and get to be attended to by dedicated and trained professional staff. These centers are well equipped and staffed to cater for everything one needs to know about crowdfunding, investment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

This is all done as a commitment to teach you what you need to know to succeed in a business or investment, depending on which you may want to focus on. Once you are inside the Uprise Markets shops, clients are served with various refreshments such as coffee and other beverages, and this is free of charge. The two Uprise Markets centers in Johannesburg and Cape Town have since being launched proven to be quite popular with both entrepreneurs and investors. It is within the parent company Uprise Africa’s future plans to spread the shops to other economically thriving regions of South Africa. So, if you are based in areas like Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Mpumalanga and so on, don’t despair as the Uprise Markets carpet will soon be rolled away for you. However, this does not mean that potential clients from the currently non-serviced areas can’t take part in investment opportunities presented by Uprise Markets, as they can travel, if they need, to the nearest center in the big cities to get information.

In the mean-time, clients can easily book an appointment at any of the two offices in either Johannesburg or Cape Town. However, for you to attend the workshops outside these two places, you have to regularly check our website for latest updates and you will be informed when exactly a center is opening or a workshop is coming near you. So don’t get left behind as the dawn of equity crowdfunding is bringing unprecedented excitement to the investment and entrepreneurial community in South Africa.

The website to see more is and your life will change for the better.