Is your business in the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) sector and struggling to finance itself from its own resources? Uprise Africa’s equity crowdfunding platform is designed to ease your business finance stress by providing funding solutions to those in need.

  Uprise Africa which is trending as one of 2019’s Best New Online Platform for Investments for various good reasons, is once again calling on interested parties for Co-Funding Partnerships!

The Co-Funding Partnerships will provide finance and strategic guidance to SMME’s, while the Crowdfunding platform will serve as a channel to distribute the finance, increase public exposure and give rise to an ‘army of ambassadors’ for the SMME’s funded through the platform.

By sharing the investment ticket, VCs and crowdfunding platforms can leverage each other’s strengths and create a more significant impact in the South African SMME landscape.

According to The Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA), the sector of SMMES in South Africa faces financial drawbacks when it comes to unlocking finance. SEDA also mentions things like getting markets, skills shortages among other factors affecting the growth. All these are challenges that are now reduced with the recent emergence of Uprise Africa’s co-investment solution.

SEDA says that “the significance of SMMEs in the South African economy is immense as the sector that is also known as “small business”, is able to boost commercial activities and in the process avail much-needed jobs. Given their highly conservative nature, South African banks and lenders are more inclined to put resources in small businesses in their later stages of development. They are less likely to lend to start-up SMMEs.”

Furthermore, data from SEDA shows that SMMES are experiencing obstacles to obtain finance. Therefore, the sector has to start utilizing Uprise Africa’s crowdfunding scheme to be guaranteed easy access to finance.

Small businesses interested in applying for these partnerships, can get in touch with Uprise Africa on this email address:

Uprise Africa always appreciates the time invested and we look forward to engaging with like-minded partners.